Transmission Repair Services in Chino & Chino Hills, CA

A healthy transmission is crucial to the functionality and safety of your vehicle. If you notice your gears aren't shifting as easily as they used to, don't ignore the problem! Ignoring the problem could make the damage more severe and end up costing you more. Come by Gabriel Automotive today and let our transmission experts asses and diagnose the issue. Don't let the cost of a repair scare you away. Gabriel Automotive offers the best prices in town, so stop by today and you might be pleasantly surprised.
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Signs of Transmission Problems

  • Failing or delaying when shifting
  • Thumping or lagging when shifting
  • The engine speeds up when you apply the gas but the car doesn't
  • Red, pink, or brown puddles under your car
  • The need to add transmission fluid
  • Unusual noises such as whining sounds when you step on the accelerator
  • A grinding noise
  • A banging noise when you come to a stop
  • Your car fails to move when cold but improves once it is warmed up
  • The engine overheats