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How to Keep Your Car Rust Free:

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Is it possible for a car to last a lifetime??? The answer is YES! There are, however, several elements that you care can be exposed to that can greatly shorten its life cycle.

If you live or spend a lot of time near the ocean can be one of those elements. The wind can spread the salt and sand throughout and can affect your car seriously causing areas of rust. Frequent car washing can help to eliminate some or all of the effects of this corrosive material.

If you live in areas that have lots of snow, salt is frequently used to de-ice the streets and similar to the ocean, this salt can cause damage to you cars undercarriage and body. Again, frequent car washes will help to prevent much of this damage. One other easy way to remove the salt residue is to ensure that your car wash company uses power hoses to get under and on the top and side of your automobile.

Car Maintenance Tips

Part of keeping your vehicle operating in its optimal state is making sure that you give it regular maintenance checks. Depending on your vehicle, this can be done monthly, quarterly or semi-annually. Keep an good eye on the check engine or maintenance light. This is usually an indication that you should take your car in to be maintained according to the manufacturer's recommendations. If you do not maintain your car at least at the manufacturer's basic level, your car will start to have problems and may break down. In addition, very often a poorly maintained car will give you lower gas mileage and end up costing you more.

Your oil is an important component f your regular maintenance checks. Today, with many synthetic oils monthly oil changes are not required, however, ensuring that your automobile receives adequate care can further extend the quality and life of your car.
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Most vehicles should have their oil changed every 3 months or 3-5,000 miles. Tires are one of the most important part of your car safety devices. Having good quality, well threaded tires on your car is essential to ensuring you and your family travel safely to your final destination. You should always check your tires before every ride – a simple look can identify if one tire is possibly more deflated that the other. If you immediately have the air pressure checked and filled to your car manufacturer standard. Always make sure that your mechanic checks your tires and rotates them when they are doing their normal maintenance.

Air Filters also need to be looked at and changed with every maintenance check. Like humans, your car needs to breathe through all the smoke & smog that normal conditions produce. Keep your car air filter clean will go a long way to keeping your car healthy!

Like having a good dentist, finding a good mechanic that understands your vehicle requirements and is equipped & skilled to accurately handle your car is the number one thing you can do to make sure your car lasts the mos possible years and can play a great part in helping you to get the most value for it when you are ready to sell it.

Bad Weather Driving Tips

Weather can change in an instant! Handling your car during a bad weather event is critical to your car longevity and can also save your life!

When a severe storm happens, some basic environmental condition typically happen:
  • In a rain storm the roads become slippery, which are caused when the oil residue from the tires that travelled on it, come to the surface of the pavement. Also when the rain is severe visibility becomes compromised and can cause you to have an accident.
  • In a snow storm, there is a chance of white out conditions which greatly reduce visibility; the roads become slippery when the wet snow combined with lower temperatures become icy – all this can cause loss on control of the vehicle direction which could end in a major accident.
Car In Bad Weather — Automotive Tips in Chino, CA
When the weather changes it is important that you follow some key guidelines:
  • SLOW DOWN! Do not continue to drive at your present speed. Although you may not realize it at first, the road conditions have changes along with the weather conditions.
  • If you feel uncomfortable with the change in weather and you feel you cannot drive safely, you should pull over, go to the nearest gas station and wait the event to pass. If you cannot find a gas station, just pull over to the far right and make sure you are out of other vehicles path, this will reduce the chances of another vehicle crashing into you.
The best way to avoid an accident during bad weather conditions is to wait until it has passed. This will prevent damage to your vehicle as well as any potential bodily injury.


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Having worn or bad conditioned tires can make driving your car more difficult and can end in a major injury to both you and your car. If your ties are not properly inflated, either by being under or over inflated, can cause your tires to wear down faster and can also cause them to become flat. As stated above, it is important to do a visual check every time you enter your car.

Keeping your tires in good working condition can ensure that your travels end in a favorable outcome. You should check the treads on your tire monthly and if you notice that one side or the other appear to be worn, low tread or torn, you should have them immediately checked by your mechanic and changes if needed.
One good way to check the tread of your tire is to take a penny, insert it into the tread groove of the tire, with the Lincoln head upside down. If you can see the top of Lincoln's head, then you need new tires.

Most of today's cars have tire indicator lights that keep track of these things, if your car has this them you should keep an eye for that indicator. Having this is good; however, you should still continue to do your manual visual checks.

As stated, your tires will be checked with your maintenance and it is important to make sure that you bring it to your mechanic to safely check them.

We offer an array of tires at our shop. Talk to us about how we can best provide you the safest possible experience with all your car needs!