Engine Repair Services in Chino & Chino Hills, CA

Car Mechanic — Engine Repair In Chino, CA
Car Engine Inspection — Engine Repair In Chino, CA
In order to keep your vehicle running smoothly, you need to ensure that you are taking proper care of your engine. Your engine provides you vehicle life and keeps it running. If the engine is in bad repair, your vehicle will not function properly or not even at all. Let Gabriel Automotive be your go-to engine specialists to provide maintenance and repairs that will keep your engine healthy for an affordable price.

Our engine services Include:
• Vapor canister filter
• Oil change
• Oil filter replacement
• Ignition wires
• Ignition module
• Ignition coil pack
• Spark Plugs
• Fuel pump
• Engine sensors and electronic diagnostics
• Emissions control system
• Distributor cap and rotor
• Crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve
• Crankcase vent filter